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How can you be sure that you are booking your masonry project at the right time of the year? Even in parts of the country, such as Boston, that see all types of temperatures and weather conditions, the best time to contact a trusted mason, such as the team at Adam’s Quality Masonry, is as soon as you notice signs of damage or when you want to add a masonry project to your home.

Here are some guidelines from AQM in terms of when to book your masonry project:

Slow Season
Since masons can get busy at the height of the season, you may have the best luck getting your job scheduled during your preferred mason’s slow season. For some masonry contractors the slow season can be during the summer months. If you’re not sure what’s considered your mason’s slow season, be sure to check with them.

Talk to AQM about the best time to redo front stairs.

Ideal Conditions
For many masons, including Adam’s Quality Masonry, fall can be the best time of year for projects due to moderate weather and low humidity. These conditions are perfect for repairs. With low amounts of rain and snow, projects can be left to dry quite easily.

A beautiful wall like this one will
add to the home’s curb appeal.

There are certain types of masonry work that can be done in the winter months. For these projects, the work area has to be prepared for the conditions, which could include concrete antifreeze mix and encompassing the space with plastic tarps and setting up heaters. Taking these steps works well for pouring interior concrete floors or laying bricks. The idea behind this is to have consistent heat so the mortar does not freeze.

The time has to be right to add a patio to your yard.

Planning Ahead
Right after winter ends is the best time for masonry repairs. If, for some reason, you have to put the work off, it’s best to start planning ahead by having a professional mason assess your project and come up with a budget and plan.

AQM can help you come up with a plan
as to when to begin your project.

Are you ready to get that masonry project started? From chimney repairs to natural stone walkways to pavers for your backyard patio, the right time to start planning your project is now. Talk to the team at Adam’s Quality Masonry and we’ll get your project scheduled at a time that works best for you.