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If the stone wall in your yard looks like the before picture shown here, you’re overdue for an upgrade.

Stone Wall Repair

Adam’s Quality Masonry has come to the rescue time and time again for this type of project.

Not only have we handled countless projects of this sort – we’ve personally helped  properties transform from “ho hum” to “wow.” When that happens it can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. 

Hiring an experienced stone mason such as Adam’s Quality Masonry to add a stone wall to your yard has many benefits.

A stone wall can: 

Outline your outdoor space:
A stone wall in your front or backyard can help to separate it into different areas. With clear boundaries, it’s easier to envision what function certain parts of your yard can be used for. Stone walls can help to define patios, outdoor kitchens, your garden or pool area. 

Expand your garden:
Is your yard uneven or hilly? A stone retaining wall can help to level it out and give you more room to work with, especially if you want to plant a garden. A stone wall can also help to protect the more delicate plants in your garden. 

Prevent soil erosion:
When the ground is uneven, it’s more prone to erosion. A stone retaining wall can help keep soil in place. It can also help to reduce runoff

Protect your home’s foundation:
A stone wall can help to protect the land around your house from eroding and sliding away. Using an experienced mason to put in a well-built stone wall can protect your foundation and your landscaping.

Enhance your landscape:
Stone walls are visually appealing. Done right, the wall will fit in with the natural landscape of your yard and make your space more attractive, which can increase your property value. 

If your yard has a stone wall that’s in need of repair, or if you would like to add one to your yard, the experienced masons at Adam’s Quality Masonry can install any type of wall you would like. We offer a wide selection of stone in shapes and natural colors to match your home’s style and enhance your property.