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With the warm temperatures of the summer just behind us, it might be hard to believe, but soon the nighttime temperatures will be dipping below freezing in the Wakefield area. Many homeowners are already starting to think about firing up their fireplaces to keep warm in the upcoming colder months. Winter weather is not kind to chimneys in this area, but Adam’s Quality Masonry can offer these tips to help make sure your chimney can stand up to freezing temperatures that will be here before you know it:

Repair Masonry Damage:
You should inspect your chimney every year or so for cracks or damage. You can hire an experienced mason, such as Adam’s Quality Masonry to examine your chimney for cracked, chipped or missing bricks and decaying mortar. These are signs of water damage that need to be repaired before the cold weather settles in. This type of damage will worsen over time, especially during cold weather.

This chimney was repaired by
AQM and is ready for winter.

Waterproof the Chimney:
When Adam’s Quality Masonry has completed the necessary masonry repairs, we will apply a water-based sealant that is designed to protect chimneys against future water damage. To be most effective, the repellent should be reapplied every 5 -7 years.

Getting ready to waterproof and
inspect the chimney cap.

Ensure the Chimney Cap is Secure:
The chimney cap protects the flue from moisture, wind, small animals and debris that can damage the interior masonry or clog the flue vent. You definitely don’t want birds or other small animals inside your chimney. If your chimney cap is damaged or missing, make sure to ask Adam’s Quality Masonry to replace it before winter gets here. 

Hire a Chimney Sweep:
An annual chimney inspection is necessary to ensure your chimney and fireplace are not a fire or health hazard. They will look for built-up soot, creosote and other debris that can put you at risk of a fire and keep your fireplace from working efficiently. An experienced chimney sweep and also inform you of any damage to your chimney.

Adam’s Quality Masonry wants your chimney to be in the best possible shape to help keep you warm this winter. Our staging is top-notch with no nails hammered into your roof. Contact us today to see how we can help. 

AQM are expert stagers