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So you want to add to your home’s curb appeal. For most home-owners, adding natural stone is an easy choice. If you choose to go this route, the sky’s the limit as there are so many different types of stones, sizes and ways to use stone.

One of the first steps you’ll want to take is to consult with a professional mason, such as Adam’s Quality Masonry. Our team has worked on numerous natural stone walkway and staircase projects in Wakefield and the surrounding area. Our expertise on these projects has not only resulted in many happy home-owners, it’s also increased their home’s curb appeal, not to mention their property value.

Here are some factors you’ll want to consider for natural stone walkways and staircases:

Where should the walkway go?
Think about the placement of the walkway – you’ll want to look at where people park, and come up with a path that makes the most sense.

What style do you like?
If your home is large and traditional, going with something more formal, such as brick might make the most sense. A home that’s more understated should go for a more casual or laid-back look, such as flagstone.

Always consider the scale.
When it comes to adding a natural walkway or stairs, you don’t want to go for a style that doesn’t compliment your home and landscaping. For instance, a small yard would benefit from something that’s not too overpowering. Whereas a small walkway could look too small in a large yard.

No matter what style you ultimately go for, your new natural stone walkway or stairs should make passersby give your home a double take. When you hire Adam’s Quality Masonry, you can’t go wrong – our team will improve your home’s curb appeal and make it visually inviting.