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Nothing says patio more than pavers. Pavers offer many benefits such as durability, affordability, and aesthetics. Adam’s Quality Masonry has designed and installed many paver patios in the Wakefield and Medford areas. In our opinion, pavers outweigh many other options but you may have some questions. When it comes to pavers, we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Here are a few we’ve answered for our clients: 

I’m budget conscious. Are pavers a good investment?
Brick pavers are sturdy, stable, and can be expanded on. They are easy to maintain, which make them a great choice among other alternatives such as concrete slabs. Pavers are affordable and will increase your home’s value.

I’m not completely sure what I want. What type of options do pavers offer?
One reason why homeowners are drawn to pavers is the many options they offer for customization. Pavers also come in various shapes, colors, textures, and patterns. Pavers can go far beyond the patio and be brought into walkways, retaining walls, even a built-in fireplace.

The masonry project at my house includes an asphalt aspect. Do your services include that?
No matter what your masonry needs are, Adam’s Quality Masonry can handle it all, including asphalt paving projects. Our team has done this type of work in and around the Wakefield and Medford areas. Contact us today for a free quote. 

A beautiful paver project

Pavers come in all shapes and sizes. 

This project mixed masonry and asphalt.